Monday, November 16, 2009

Scary far eastern films ?

i want to go out and get some good scary asian films or action films, any ideas. here are some of the ones i've got already : kung fu hustle, audition, host, warrior king and obviously i know of the 'americanised' films such as ring, dark water, etc

Scary far eastern films ?
Try "Shutters" from Thailand. Kept me awake at night.
Reply:The original Ringu series, the Japanese versions, and the original Grudge are pretty good.

Kept my G/f awake for nights!!
Reply:the ring japanese version
Reply:Thrown of Blood -the Macbeth story told by Kirosawa. Brilliant.
Reply:Three great selections come to mind

Janghwa Hongryeon aka A Tale of Two Sisters is a great Korean horror film that I love that not many people have seen (thats cause it hasnt been remade)

Also the movie Batoru rowaiaru aka "Battle Royale" is a good Japanese action/horror/thriller movie. I loved the book, and the movie is a very good adaptation. Not perfect but entertaining and easy to follow for the most part. But anything that involves having 42 Junior high kids kill each other for sport before their electronic collars blow their own head off is bound to be an entertaining fare.

Also the Korean film "Oldboy" is great. Very Tarantino in quality. Pretty twisted, some bloody scenes. Overall very full of raw emotion and one heck of an experience from an asian film.
Reply:I highly recommend "The Eye" - made about 2002/3, directed by the Pang brothers

don't watch it alone lol
Reply:OOOH, If you want a great action/martial arts movie, check out Ong Bak!!! It's a Thai martial arts movie staring Tony Jaa (bit of a legend in my eyes!).

It has some of the most amazing stunts and fight sequences ive seen since the likes of Jackie Chan and Bruce Li.

It has a story line like a Just enough storyline to tie all the action together ;-) but WHAT A MOVIE!!! 10/10!!!
Reply:Another few are Pulse which has an original Japanese version, Through The Mirror %26amp; Phone which are both Korean I think.

Also if you like Oldboy recommended above, there is also Sympathy For Mr Vengance %26amp; Lady Vengance to complete the trilogy!

Where in the Philippines can i buy The God of Cookery?

I love films starring Stephen Chow...It is action-packed and funny at the same time. Any more suggestions besides Shaolin Soccer, Kung fu Hustle, God of Gambler? Where can i buy God of Cookery (note:not the pirated ones)?

Where in the Philippines can i buy The God of Cookery?
try astrovision. or your local record bars sometimes sell dvds or vcds.

if nothings there, you can always go to quiapo. or greenhills (pero ni-raid na ata).
Reply:In the Phillipines? Forget it! You gotta go , instead, to Bora Bora. And don't forget to send us a post card.

P.S.: While there-don't waste time looking for films.

Can anyone recommend any mainstream foreign films?

I've really started to increasingly enjoy foreign films over the past year, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any recent flicks that are relatively mainstream or straightforward in tone, rather than something extremely avant-garde/experimental with no coherent plot.

By mainstream/straightforward, I'm talking about stuff like "Good Bye Lenin", "Amelie" "Tae Guk Gai: The Brotherhood Of War", "Crimen Ferpecto", "Children Of Heaven", "Kung Fu Hustle", etc. that have understandable storylines, interesting characters, and perhaps quirky or funny situations.

The language doesn't matter, as I watch films from any country. It can be of any genre, although I'm not a big fan of horror movies.


Can anyone recommend any mainstream foreign films?
- Life Is Beautiful (Italy) - one of my favourite films, for what it is worth, Roberto Bernigni - about an Italian Jewish man and his family in WWII, esp. how he looks after his little son - sad and wonderful story at the same time.

- Monsoon Wedding (India) - a film about a family gathering for an arranged wedding and the different characters and what is going on. I really liked this film too.

- Volver (Spain) - a bit different, but still an interesting film I think. Good cast too, including Penelope Cruz

Good question. Hope you find some more good films to see.
Reply:Two of my favourites are "Zatoichi" (a Japanese martial arts film about a blind swordsman) and "The Red Violin" (a French film that follows the life of a violin through five different countries).
Reply:In my french Class, we're watching these two french films called Jean De Florette and Manon of the Spring (Manon is the sequel to Jean.) They're a little old ('86) but they're really good and the plot is very easy to understand. It's also a little sad. But I think you might enjoy them, if you don't I'm sorry.
Reply:Deepa Mehta's trilogy Fire, Earth and Water (serious)

Battle Royale directed by Kinji Fukasaku (bloody good fun)

Le Pacte Des Loups (Marc Dacascos is sooo hot)

Trainspotting (classic)

9 Dead Gay Guys (hilarious but not mainstream)
Reply:La Strada


Small Change

The 400 Blows

Day for Night

Forbidden Games

The Bicycle Thief

Pan's Labyrinth

The Devil's Backbone

Beauty %26amp; the Beast (Cocteau film)

House of Flying Daggers

Garden of the Finzi-Continis

Claire's Knee

Knife in the Water

Madame Rosa


The Bridge aka Die Brucke

The Virgin Spring

Sundays and Cybele

8 1/2


Spirited Away

Howl's Moving Castle


My Neighbor Totoro

Reply:Run Lola Run is an interesting German film. It was mainstream a few years back.
Reply:I think 28 Days Later is considered a foreign film. It came out in Europe before it did in America. A friend of mine saw it in Paris about 6 months before it came out here. It was pretty good. Also, Onk Bak A Thai Warrior was also pretty good.
Reply:I'm Not Afraid


Curse of the Golden Flower

Pan's Labyrinth
Reply:Most of my favorite films come from japan/china, here is a short list:

Battle royal (awarded goriest film ever)

Akira (Best anime film ever)

Snake in eagles shadow

Drunken master (Jakie Chan at his best)

Hero/fearless (gud Jet Lee films)

Azumi (great ninja flick)

Zatoichi (a truly awesome film with great humor)

What is it?

In the game Tekken 5 Feng uses a Martial art called Godfist. And in the Movie Kung Fu Hustle the shop keep uses the same style. I whant to know what the name of that style is and what it branches from.

What is it?
Feng Wei's style is described as Chinese Kempo, although I am not sure if that helps at all. Chinese martial arts are very broad.

Perhaps if you know someone who can recognise moves, you could show them the game and ask them.

I've noted for instance that Kazuya and Baek share a couple of kicks (particularly the axe kick) but that's due to similarities between karate and tae kwon do.

Godfist is probably a dramatisation.
Reply:"Godfist" is a made up style for the sake of dramatization. However, the style attributed to him is Chinese Kempo. I doubt they studied enough martial arts to make the game realistic in style for each character.
Reply:What is it? It is fantasy. This section is for Martial Arts, go to video games.
Reply:Never believe what you see in the movies or on TV about martial arts...

Talk to your instructor!
Reply:That would be Hollywood kung fu.


Where online can I buy those heavy metal rings that go around the forearm?

As seen in Kung Fu Hustle and Master Killer. Please provide a link to the ring.

I saw them once in Chinatown, NYC but never bought them... maybe I can purchase online somewhere? I've tried ebay, google, but no luck!

Where online can I buy those heavy metal rings that go around the forearm?
I found them on ebay by searching "kung fu rings".

Here's another link for them.

Some people are ignorant about the training purpose of these rings. My son is a dai si hing who was asking for these rings.
Reply:Try blitz'
Reply:why the heck for?

defending yourself against gun barrel hits?

your forearms are evil enough. seriously, your body has all the pain giving potential without resorting to anything else.

just train.

Stephen Chow?

Can you give me some biography about this director, producer, writer and star of the movie "Kung Fu Hustle"?

Stephen Chow?
Reply:what j.p said!!

plants flowers

Why america movie rating system often gave asia film rated R instead of PG 13?

Film like kung fu hustle, shaolin soccer, hero all got rated R, i don't think it derserve it, while violent and graphic film like LOTR and Perfect Storm still only get PG 13, what's your opinion.

Why america movie rating system often gave asia film rated R instead of PG 13?
The ratings board is notoriously screwy. They often rate movies in ways that are not consistent and don't make sense.